10 may. 2010

Lidiaa we LOVE youu !! ♥

We want to you came a Spain soon!!
you are the best !!! =)

I think you're so lovely and It's a present for your self!!


6 may. 2010

I love you above all but

+ Sitting on the patio with nine years I had a wound with the initial of the boy who liked me, I woke up the pills every day for me and leave no scar and never forget it, swore it was the love of my life."
-Well, like all the kids right?
+ No, like everyone else, the first and last love feel the same, that is what it takes to understand
- And when you realize you?
+ When I stopped to scratch, there comes a day when you realize that the couple only stay here, and that the only thing that binds you to him is that wound, and making it bleed not keep his memory alive, but the pain of loss.

you're so beautiful.

5 may. 2010


This STyle is the spanish style in summer:
(the hat it's from the girl number 4 no number 6!! x] )

We (Marta and Carol) do this blog because it's a job in class and we want to expres our ideas in a sit!! This is the sit!! We talk about...( we don't now but I think, probally, about clothes, music ... )